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Not only do we need your Financial support, we
need your help contacting representatives to return
the Taxpayer's assets to the Taxpayers and in turn
create jobs immediately. Click on the link below to
determine your representatives and the best way for
you to contact them. Saving Pontiac will take all of
us to promote this project. Use our sample letter.
Click below to watch The
Honorable Lamar
Alexander, Senator from
Tennessee, speak to the
issue of Taxpayers owning
GM...A share for every
As an example of correspondence:

Dear Senator (Congressman) insert name:

As a constituent I am a firm supporter of the issues and solutions
presented by I believe that saving the Pontiac
brand and forming a separate Company is the fastest and easiest
way for our Government to save and/or create so called "shovel
ready jobs" at a reasonable cost. Also, remember that
manufacturing facilities, which the taxpayers already own, are
readily available from those plants mothballed by GM.

While I am sure that the suppression of competition by General
Motors is in that Company's best interest, I do not believe that it is in
my best interest as an owner (US taxpayer) of General Motors.

I request that you study the
solutions proposed on and encourage the Treasury Department and
Ron Bloom ("The Car Czar") to take a second look at this American
gold mine of jobs that GM proposes to dismantle.

Thank you for your consideration;