We have defined specific staffing and Governance needs as progresses. The two levels of staffing are as

Level 1: Start up. With limited financial resources we are staffed
with volunteers. Many have asked about Chief Pontiac’s credentials.

Ben Holcomb – Founder and Executive Director –
Background: Please see a biographical sketch of Mr. Holcomb Here:
We currently have two marketing specialists, who are volunteers,
working with Mr. Holcomb.

Level 2: To follow best practices, we will need an advisory board
when we reach the triggering level of $20,000 in donations as
described by the IRS. has a number of people
serving in an informal manner, today, and are candidates to
participate formally on such a board.  If were to
participate in management of The New Pontiac approximately 50%
of these individuals are committed to be part of the Team. (We have
withheld names pending the appointment to a formal position)

A.    A  is a serial entrepreneur that has accomplished a great deal
in 35 years. A started a software solution that manages inventory
and includes a complete reverse logistics solution for manufacturers
(currently used by the second largest Computer manufacturer and
the largest US Telephone Company) and service providers. He
raised approximately $15 million in venture capital for this company.

B.    B is an inventor and entrepreneur. He personally developed a
Telematics unit for automobiles that transmits all pertinent data from
the car to the manufacturer as the car is driven. One of the largest
private equity firms in the country invested $150 million to acquire
this company. B continues working with every major Automobile
manufacturer in the world.

C.   C is a sales and marketing genius that created the Cingular
wireless name, logo and image. He was responsible for the $500
million launch of the brand which became a household name within
6 months. (Now AT&T Wireless).

D.  Former CEO of an Atlanta based Fortune 100 business.

E.   E is currently an engineer at the VP level with the largest
manufacturer of computer networking equipment, in a business
development role. He has developed and held 4 personal patents.
Degrees from Boston College, University of Texas MBA, and has a
masters from and virtually completed a doctorate at MIT.

F.   F manages a local venture Capital fund.

G.  G is managing Partner in a turnaround firm. She, of course, has
major relationships with banks, private equity firms and other
financial institutions at very high levels.

H.  H was the 5th largest Ford dealer in the United States until he
sold years ago for $200 million to a large group. He now runs the
Family investment fund which is quite successful.