Why is Pontiac important to save?
During 2008 (a little better economy) the Company made and sold
an estimated 250,000 cars. In 2009, Pontiac is on a run rate to
make and sell an estimated 180,000 units. This is how the sales
rates compare to others
Interestingly Pontiac is Larger in North America than Volvo and Audi
Combined. Had the brand's Parent not been in bankruptcy, Pontiac
would likely have been equal in volume to BMW of North America for
2009 YTD. Savingpontiac.org believes this is an important
opportunity to save and create the jobs which might be 18,000 to
20,000 or higher including suppliers and subcontractors (excluding

Would BMW close down? Volvo? Audi? Not a chance. Why, with a
American Brand (over 80 years old) available that has the size and
stature to be competitive and that could provide immediate
employment for thousands would we throw it away? As we have said
before this is the likely the correct decision for General Motors but
not for the American People. Please visit our Contact Congress
page and vote with your letters and emails!!!!
About Pontiac
Pontiac is estimated at 8% of total GM Car sales.